Students Resolving Conflict

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Students Resolving Conflict:

Peer Mediation in Schools

by Richard Cohen

"Students Resolving Conflict is one of the most authoritative and complete guides available on student peer mediation..." Alan Markwood in The Fourth R, (Journal of the National Association for Mediation in Education)

Students Resolving Conflict: Peer Mediation in Schools will assist individuals at every level of experience and exposure to peer mediation. Its purpose is to serve as:

  1. A comprehensive introduction to conflict resolution and peer mediation
  1. A complete technical assistance manual for those involved in the process of implementing a peer mediation program
  1. A reference work for those who currently operate peer mediation programs

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Students Resolving Conflict: Peer Mediation in Schools includes many tools such as reproducible program forms, 12 complete conflict resolution lessons, transcripts of peer mediation sessions, and surveys to determine implementation readiness.

"If you are looking for just one book to recommend to those who are working with peer mediation or considering starting a program, Students Resolving Conflict just might be what you are looking for… [It] is about to take its place on the shelf with the two or three other basic books that anyone working with youth in schools or other settings owns." Liz Wally, Dispute Mediation Service, Inc., Texas
"Students Resolving Conflict is a theoretically informed, yet thoroughly practical, guide to implementing peer mediation programs at the middle and high school level." Negotiation Journal, April 1996
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(Second edition published by Good Year Books, January 2005, 264 Pages, ISBN #: 1-59647-052-6. First edition published by GoodYear/Scott Foresman, May 1995, ISBN #: 0-673-36096-2)