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Peer Mediation and Bullying Prevention:

Untangling a Complicated Relationship

A Webinar Presented by Richard Cohen and Amy Fleming

"Richard and Amy bring clarity to a confusing subject." Abbie Genzink, Western Justice Center, Pasadena, CA
"A clear outline of the differences between peer mediation and an anti-bullying program and a realistic look at the complexities of working with both." Kate Kerman, Peer Mediation Coordinator, Keene High School, Keene, NH

Confused about how peer mediation and bullying prevention efforts can work together?

Having difficulty deciding where to refer students in conflict?

Interested in helping students who bully repair the harm that they cause?

If so, you'll benefit from viewing the webinar Peer Mediation and Bullying Prevention: Untangling a Complicated Relationship.

Interpersonal conflict is a normal part of life in every school. To teach young people conflict resolution skills and empower them to resolve these disputes, educators around the world operate peer mediation programs. Decades of research has demonstrated the efficacy of peer mediation programs and the benefits they provide to students and to their schools.

At the same time, there is renewed and welcome interest in preventing bullying from occurring in schools, and effectively intervening when it does. Increasing numbers of schools are implementing, or considering implementing, comprehensive bullying prevention efforts. Bullying constitutes a class of interpersonal conflicts, however, which are typically not well served by peer mediation programs.

Educators struggle to integrate these two important, related, yet significantly different efforts. While the literature for both efforts provide guidelines, real world conflicts can be messy and not fit the neat distinctions outlined in books.

A great many interpersonal conflicts, for example, involve some degree of harassment of one student by another. Might students involved in such conflicts be better served by a bullying prevention approach than by peer mediation? And is there ever a place to bring students who bully and students whom they target together? If so, should mediation or some other process be utilized?

Learn from Richard Cohen, founder and director of School Mediation Associates, and Amy Flemming, school psychologist at the Nock Middle School in Newburyport, Massachusetts, as they explore these and other important questions. Amy coordinates both the peer mediation program and the bullying prevention effort at her school, and Richard has helped hundreds of schools implement these programs.

Peer Mediation and Bullying Prevention: Untangling a Complicated Relationship will sharpen your thinking and increase your effectiveness in managing conflict and preventing bullying in your school.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Introduction
  • A Safe and Caring School Climate
  • Bullying is a Serious Concern
  • The Problem of Definition
  • Identifying the Risks
  • Comparing Peer Mediation and Bullying Prevention
  • Conducting Effective Intake Interviews
  • Restorative Practices for Incidents of Bullying
  • Closing

Excerpts of webinar

"Essential for understanding the appropriate response to bullying versus operating a peer mediation program." Deborah Trust, Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School, Fort Myers, FL
"State-of-the-art thinking on applying ADR in school settings." Susan North, Mediator, Los Angeles, CA

Duration: 1 hour

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